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User-friendly Crypto Names instead of complex blockchain wallet addresses.

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How It Works


The way Crypto Names work is very similar to how human-readable domain names were created to replace having to use a number-based IP address for web destinations.

We provide an API for public and public decentralized servers called Zone Servers located in strategic locations around the world.

Zone Servers provide the data needed for wallets, apps, exchanges, etc., to convert a Crypto Name back into an actual alpha-numeric cryptocurrency public key address. These functions are all hidden from end-users.

An API for developers and merchants is available for Crypto Name lookups, data channel functions, and analytics.

Crypto Names


You can create a simple Crypto Name alias for any blockchain wallet address.


you can send bitcoin, eth or any other applicable cryptocurrency to $JohnSmith.btc, $MyStorefront.eth, $MyKids.btc, etc., instead of 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa

The CryptoNames Team

Frank Corsi

Founder & CEO

Mr Corsi has over 30 years experience in software development. He was instrumental in the development of the world wide web in the early 90’s. He served as one of the original INAIC Council members, which helped to draft many of the internet top level domain protocols. He has operated 2 of the worldwide DNS root servers from the early 90’s.

Christopher R. Mccaron

CTO & Senior Developer

Chris has over 20 years experience with programming in many languages. He has led major development projects for many large companies. He leads development for server infrastructure and backend API systems.

Thomas Carter


Thomas has been an entrepreneur, capital markets leader and fintech innovator for over 30 years. He is the founder and CEO of DealBox.



DealBox is a blockchain business accelerator and crowdfunding platform.

Jerome Conlon

Marketing/Branding Advisor

Jerome Conlon is former Director of Brand Planning and Marketing
Insights for Nike, Inc., Vice President of Brand Planning,
Consumer Insights & Category Development for Starbucks Coffee
Company, Senior VP of Marketing and Program Development
Research for NBC Entertainment, and has been a professor of
economics at Gonzaga University.

Jerome is the author of Soulful Branding – Unlock the Hidden
Energy in Your Company and Brand (FutureLab Press 2015) and
the soon to be released Brand Bridges – Connecting BusinessModels with Positive Consumer Experience (Futurelab Press 2019)

Charles Voltron

Technical Advisor

Charles Voltron has founded 3 successful tech ventures, is a blockchain technologist, coder and C-level technical leader with over 17 years of experience. 

Charles has been actively involved in the blockchain industry since 2015 as a developer and technical team leader.

He has held the roles of CTO and technical advisor for several blockchain ventures with a focus on technical strategy, cryptoeconomics/product development, and software architecture.

Get Started

Choose from one of two levels of service

  Personal $19.95/yr

A great way to get started. Each Crypto Name will work with any supported cryptocurrency and the same name can be used with multiple cryptocurrencies.

Example: $yourname.eth, $yourname.btc, $yourname.ltc

Additional Crypto Names can be added at a discounted rate of $17.95/yr.

Any Crypto Name can be transferred to any other active Crypto Name account.

  Merchant $199.95/yr

Merchant Memberships offer the ability to sell Crypto Names and receive commission payments. Commission rates vary depending on sales volume.

Includes full access to lookup a Crypto Name and retrieve its public key and submit new Crypto Names to be added to our network, using our software API connector.

Each Merchant Member receives a shared API connector to our host and zone servers within the zone location of the merchant. Dedicated API connections and even dedicated host and zone servers can be established for an additional fee.

Register Crypto Name

  Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin/ Ethereum/ Litecoin/ Dosh Coin/ Stellar XLM/ Magnet Coin/ Medical Token/ Integrity IEX/ Club X Coin/ Black Swan/  Game Token/ Weed Coin/ Crypto Dollar/ Crypto Euro/ Noah Coin/ 

Add-ons available after 1st Crypto Name purchase.

  Group Add-on

Easily split inbound payments among other people or groups. Turn any Crypto Name into a group name. Members can then be added and a payment distribution percentage can be set for each member.

  Developer Add-on

Obtain access to our API which will allow you to integrate functionality into software applications to take advantage of the Crypto Name network.